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The Dragon ‘s On the Loose


Days of gray and days of darkness

days of shuttered smoke.

the skies are sceaming ash.

Fire is in the mountains and the

valleys are roaring like a

a thousand freight trains tear my soul

Cinders fall as twisted scales

from the dragon shaking free.

Run for the shelter

run for the river

the Dragon ‘s on the loose.

© copyright  Christalene Loren 2018. All rights reserved.

The River/Ranch or Mendocino Complex Fire started around noon on July 27, 2018. As of today the fire has consumed 255,482 acres  and is 48% contained. It has been declared as the largest fire in the history of California. The fire has destroyed  119 residences and 110 other building.  Most of the cities west and north of Clearlake had been evacuated.

Channel 6 KPIX video of  the Fire.


Just to get an idea on the size of this fire


The size of the fire overlaid on top of Bay area in San Francisco.



A comparison on August 01, 2018  of size of he fires in the county since 2015.


Today Lakeport and the surrounding cities on the north shore are slowly being repopulated.  while most of the fire is burning out of control  in the Mendocino National Forest and east of the Indian Valley reservoir.


Map of Mendocino Complex showing both the River (lower) and Ranch Fires Taken fromGISsurfer Wildland Fire constructed by Joseph Elfelt. August 09, 2018.



Map of Mendocino Complex showing a portion of the River (lower) and Ranch Fires. Created by Created by: Paul J. Doherty from his ArcGIS Online Account.  August 09, 2018


The fire is north of PsiKeep

The mornings at PsiLKeep begin with a blood sun rising and is quickly obliterated by the smoke.


Many days I do not see the sunrise. Just smoke turning the day a lighter gray. The hills other side of the valley just two miles away are smoked in.  It is like looking out into the abyss. Of course all of this is minor compared to most of the population in the west and north ends of the county where the fires raged.




The face of the Dragon  from down the road taken on August 5, 2018



Wheat and the fire storm This image was taken on August 5, 2018  from down the road.


The smoke and the heat has been pretty debilitating It has become difficult to keep up with the daily maintenance of the ranch. I just go out and feed and medicate the animals and retreat to the computer to keep up on the latest fire information.

On August 7, 2018 the afternoon wind blew most of the smoke from the fire to the north and to the east. The sun dipped below the smoke and there was a brief moment of sunlight on the hills across the valley.


Everything  is hungry this time of year. Both the fire and deer have got to eat. Each year when the poison oak has turned, I start setting out the sweepings from the hay shed. The deer come down to eat and drink from the water containers under the oak trees.  This doe look pretty well fed.



Redwood Damage

Final day; final harvest
of the last of the persimmons.
Cutting wood and bringing it under cover.
The goats restless with the smell of autumn rain
a broken tide of clouds darkens at day’s end.

On Hallows Eve they came as silent as ghosts.
but for the whisper of their hoofs swashing the leaves.
They came following the does.
Drunk on pheromone and lust
Tossing the weight of their antlers in empty threats
At the broken moon.

The redwoods were too much for them
The scent of pine oil lathering the air.
They were don quixotes swinging at windmills
as they plowed the redwood saplings to the ground.

Healthy, young redwood sampling

Healthy, young redwood sampling

Outer bark rubbed away

Outer bark rubbed away

In the morning  nothing left but broken branches.
The bark rubbed clean from the cambium.
Girdled, the young trees will weaken
and eventually die.


Dead redwood sapling

Dead redwood sapling



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