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Hogs in a Truck

hog-in-truck-finOut from the long shed we step into sunlight. Too bright for a life of darkness

and the small lights swinging high above the steel crates where we were born.

We grunt and startle at the feel of earth under our hoofs

But before we can remember plowing earth with our broken teeth

we are herded with shocker sticks up a long wooden ramp into a steel walled truck.

The walls are punctured with holes barely large enough to see the sunlight.

And there I find a faint trace of the scent of pigs I once knew.

We are packed so tight that we can hardly breathe

Some of us are foaming at the mouth as the floor begins to rumble under our hoofs

Our bodies slide and plow against each other with crushing weight at each bump and turn.

Hot air is filled with billowing exhaust burning our throats. So thirsty now.

At last the rumbling stops. And we are standing in our own feces.

Some of us have slipped and fallen on top of the broken bodies

of those who can no longer withstand the sweltering heat.

We wait and wait our stillness broken by an occasional choking groan

at the smell of our own terror roiling across our flanks.

Then the door swings open and the men with shocker sticks

shout and prod us out of the truck and up a long ramp to a steel door.

Now we hear the screams of those who have walked up the ramp before us.


No way to turn back down in the press of bodies coming up the ramp

We try to climb the walls slippery with urine

ignoring the pain of the shocker sticks and the shouting men

as each one of us disappears through that terrifying door.

Until I am alone before the door, the door that yawns open

and I am thrust into that steel mouth.

Something hard grabs me by the throat and holds me by the head

The last thing I see is the hammer slamming down

My knees buckle; the floor opens under me

I am sliding down a long chute slippery with blood.

A hook grabs the tendon in my hind leg

I am hoisted into the air

My muscles thrashing

as the knife finds my throat

and life slips away forever.

A Child Discarded Even by the Sea

Drowned Syrian boy

A child discarded even by the sea.
tossed by waves on to the sand
abandoned from the dark deep grave.
What world is this that we do nothing
To comfort the migration of these people
fleeing from
the manipulation
of power and greed?
A child lying face down in the shallow waters
Like a piece of flotsam
discarded even by the sea.

Note: While this blog is not a political blog this image in the news was too powerful to ignore.  “The boy is one of 11 Syrian refugees feared dead after they drowned trying to cross the Mediterranean on two boats bound for the Greek island of Kos.” (

Newsflash: Nurses Ask For Help

Today I had to set aside the text and images for my regular post and put up this recording up instead. 

Dear Reader this post is going to take some effort on your part to listen to this audio recording without a flashy entertaining video. But I think it is that important. I hope readers will take the time to listen to the nurses throughout the world telling their stories of how the Ebola crisis is not being addressed.

What is extremely clear from this crisis is that the people in control such as WHO and CDC, medical insurance companies, HMO’s,  etc. are completely incompetent, and especially in this country, coming from a place of monetary profit. Just imagine not admitting Mr. Duncan to the hospital ward because he did not have insurance!

One good thing that may come out of this expanding travesty is that the broken medical industry in this society may at last be torn down and revised. Could the Ebola scare be the thing that brings us health coverage for everyone  because everyone is a potential risk?  Or will we just put our head in a hole in the sand and pray.

Some Revelations About The Trans Pacific Partnership

The following video is an excerpt from Democracy Now. On November 13, 2013 WikiLeaks released a 95 page document which is a portion of the highly secretive Trans Pacific Partnership or TTP.

Included within this trade agreement are rulings that would overwrite many of the safety protections, and environmental laws of both the United States and countries of the world.This agreement seems to be not so much an agreement between nations but between multilateral corporations and serves to grant them unrestricted freedom.

The video is a discussion between Bill Watson of the Cato Institute, defending the TTP and Lori Wallach, director of the fair trade group Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, who is highly critical of TTP.

I believe that this is an extremely important video to watch.

The full text of the 95 page document can be found

Why would a sculptor building an art center in the wilderness care enough about a trade agreement between multilateral corporations to post it on this blog?

The answer is because we are part of everything. And the results of that trade agreement, if ratified, will affect all of us including my insignificant self siting on a mountainside looking out over PsiKeep.

We life in an age where Goliaths  swagger  the earth regarding most of us as mere consumers.  And most of us are too busy and too desperate to look out at the bigger picture. I do not want to sound like a cassandra but any agreement made in such  secrecy as this one, without the participation of Congress, whose constitutional power is to make trade agreements, cannot be good. Something is very wrong with this picture.

I am posting this tonight. I will update this post as I go. Watch and judge for yourself  and of course comments are always welcome.

Note: A link to the Wikileaks documentary on YouTube and  released in reaction to the commercial movie “The Fifth Estate.”  The Wikileaks documentary is worth watching. 

Independence Day

After I milked the goats and before I set out to carve on the Mushroom Wedding Arch in the furnace heat of the day, I posted this video. This is a month old interview of Edward Snowden speaking to Glenn Greenwwald in what looks like a hotel room in Hong Kong.  Many of you have already viewed it.  But after reviewing it again I have two questions for you on this Fourth of July.

What is your opinion of Edward Snowden after watching this video? Who will  profit the most from your opinion? 

Have a great Fourth of July.

Published on Jun 9, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Praxis Films / Laura Poitras


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