Last Dragon Standing – More on the Jerusalem Fire

The night of August 12, 2015

After burying Voice we returned to the Schmidt farm but there was more disaster  to come. Winter, aka Little Hitler (she has a little black mustache and is a holy terror with the other animals at the Keep)  had escaped her cage and was missing!

It seem that while I was trying to save my animals from the fire I was doing more damage by rescuing them. I had a bunch of escape artists on my hands.

Image of the author

Author and her remaining dog.

August 13, 2015

I spent the morning feeding the animals and calling for the cat. I was hoping she was hiding somewhere among the berry vines and the out-buildings on the farm. But the only meowing was Brenda’s two cats still safely confined in their cage.

Image of Corky shucking corn

Shucking corn

I helped Corky shuck some corn and washed dishes for Sharon. Although I think she really wanted to use the dishwasher.

Image of Sharon Schmidt

Sharon Schmidt

Later Brenda I talked about our plan for the day. Originally I wanted to go back to see if I could still rescue my other cat, Tarnish. But after Winter escaped I was having second thoughts.

Brenda making plans

Brenda making plans.

We decided to return to the valley. Brenda wanted to water her plants with her generator and I wanted to feed my other cat, Tarnish, and paint a target on my roof for the fire fighters.

At the mouth of the road going into the valley we stopped to study the fire map.

Imge of Brenda with the fireman from Newport Beach.

Brenda with the fireman from Newport Beach.

Brenda dropped me off at PsiKeep. I climbed the roof with cans of spray paint. In the valley below me I watched a lone fire truck driving out into the heart of the storm.

Image of lone fire truck

With the cans of spray paint I painted a target on my roof and I painted the words: NO FEAR. DROP WATER HERE!”

Image of painted target on my roof

Painted target on my roof.

This was something I have been wanting to do for a long time. There was always one reason or another to put it off. I either did not have enough money to buy the paint or it was too hot or I wanted to wait until I got a compass big enough to make a perfect circle on the roof. What excuses. This fire force me to action. So what if I did not make a perfect circle. The important thing was that the helicopters are able to see it.

Image of view of the fire from the roof

View of the fire as I was painting the target.

While I was waiting for Brenda to pick me up I had a chance to watch the fire from the rooftop. What a beautiful and monstrous thing it was. I could see subtle rainbows of ash against the dark smoke roiling up from the next leap into fresh fuel. The sky was exploding from raw orchre to burnt umber.

Image of the fire from the rooftop.

View of the fire from the rooftop.

Another view of the fire from inside my living room window.

A view of the fire from the living room window.

A view of the fire from the living room window.

On the way out we saw the first signs thanking the firefighters.

Sign thanking the fire fighters.

Sign thanking the fire fighters.

August 17, 2015

We are home now. As we were packing to go home. Winter came out of hiding in the berry vines next to the  cage she had escaped from. She had been there all along in spite of my calling her for several days. Just like a cat!

The dragon, awful in its splendor and destruction has laid down to rest on that thin sliver of space between heat and ignition waiting for the next chance to rise. Meanwhile the hills and canyons are covered with ash for miles to see. There is nothing but emptiness and the sun rising on the new day telling me I have to get in gear and wash that window.

Image of sunrise through the living room window.


And look, all is well again. UPS finally delivered my packages of supplements for the goats.

UPS delivery

UPS delivery.


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