Lake County’s Mushroom Wedding Arch at PsiKeep

Mushroom Wedding Arch completed

 image of Mushroom Wedding Arch, front view

Mushroom Wedding Arch, front view

The sculpture was completed on December 24, 2014 but I finally took down the tarps the day before yesterday so I could photograph it. The weather report was forecasting strong winds and I wanted to get the tarps down  before the front moved in.

This was a long project. It took five years from conception

Early sketch of the idea for the arch

Early sketch of the idea for the arch

to completion.

The armature was constructed out of 1/2 inch steel pipe. In the summer of 2013 I decided to modify the armature and insert a parallel pipe construction, which was connected with unions in order to give more strength to the structure.

Most of that time was spent trying to figure out how I was going to sculpt the underside of the arch. I did not want to be lying on my back on a scaffold eight feet in the air trying to apply wet cement above my face.

My solution was to sculpt and cement the top section of the arch separate from the two upright pillars and then convince some very good friends to help install the completed top section back on top of the two pillars.

The summer of 2014 was spent carving the pillars and then shaving down the carving to allow for a 1/2 inch of cement to be applied on top of the Styrofoam.

image of both pillars carved in Styrofoam

Both pillars carved in Styrofoam. The top section is wrapped in a trap and out of view.

I began applying the first coat of cement sometime during mid summer of 2014. The next stage was to sculpt the gills on the mushrooms. It was a good day was when I sculpted the gills on six mushrooms. There were a lot of summer days like this out in the heat under the shade of the tarps with NPR screaming on the radio.  God I made a lot of mushrooms on this piece. Ahh!

Lorna Sue Sides came by in August and helped out by sculpting the gills on some of the mushrooms.

image of Lorna Sides Sculpting gills on the mushroom.

Lorna Sides Sculpting gills on a mushroom.

and yours truly grimacing under pressure.

image of Artist sculpting the Mushroom Wedding Arch

Artist sculpting the Mushroom Wedding Arch

The construction around the arch still needs to be cleared away. The Wedding Arch needs a larger footing, which will be incorporated into the steps and the wall below the arch sometime next summer.

After all this time of blood and sweat and tears it is finally done. It still needs a christening. After that it belongs to Lake County, to PsiKeep and to all the people who may or may not walk beneath the arch to wed.

Below are details of the arch. Best regards to all.

image of left buttress detail

Left buttress detail

image of detail o f upper portion of left pillar

Detail of upper portion of left pillar

Test reads: Through this portal thou shall be wed to thee. And if thy vows unduly fail. Pass beneath this arch to break the spell.

Inscription on the top section of the arch

image of detail on pillar  just below top section of the arch

Detail on pillar just below top section of the arch

image of detail of underside of arch

Detail of underside of arch

image of Detail of left side of upper portion of the arch

Detail of left side of upper portion of the arch

image of back side of the Mushroom Wedding Arch

Back side of the Mushroom Wedding Arch


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  1. Lynne Michelle Greaves

    Well Done! what a wonderful journey and beautiful conclusion, although I know there is no conclusion not really, the arch will continue in strength and love adding to the life stories of many! This is a special gift you have given and a special gift you have, I’m looking forward to your next fabulous journey xxxx


  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and viewing the construction of the Mushroom Wedding Arch. The next project is the Dragon Mouth Entrance Way. Hopefully I will be starting that this summer. Until then have a very prosperous and fulfilling new year. Best regards.


  3. Leslie Edmundson

    CONGRATULATIONS! The wedding arch is fantastic. I can’t wait to see what the next project will be!


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