PsiKeep at the National Heirloom Exposition

If you are into alternative farming and looking for growers and local business that specialize in alternative methods of raising and preparing food then the National Exposition is for you next year.

I participated this year by bringing my San Clemente goats to the exposition. I had intended on bringing seven goats, three bucklings and four doelings to sell. Since it was an educational exhibit, I spent days designing posters on the history and the markings and how to identify a San Clemente goat. I designed a flyer to pass out to people interested in the goats.

My flyer I passed out to people interested in San Clemente goats

My flyer I passed out to people interested in San Clemente goats

Poster on the History of San Clemente goats

Poster on the History of San Clemente goats

Unfortunately financial issues limited me. The car was overheating so I was afraid to bring the second group of goats to the exhibit. And I was unable to afford the printing for the posters. I did bring the three 8-month-old bucklings to the show.

San Clemente bucklings in their stall

San Clemente bucklings in their stall

Almost immediately the bucklings leaped out of the stall that they were suppose to stay in. They  steeple jacked over the wooden fencing between the empty stalls all the way down the  row in the sheep barn. The fair had to give me some wire panels to keep them from climbing out and that did hold them for the three days.

Interior of the Sheep Barn

Interior of the Sheep Barn

Of course it did not help when one of the exhibitors paraded her Nigerian Dwarf goat in front of little bucklings. Her goat was in heat.  It was the School Children’s Educational Day and crowds of curious children were looking into the pen as the three frustrated  bucklings began mating with each other right at child level.

“Daddy what is that thing hanging down under the goat?” I kept hearing, as parents realizing what was happening in the pen, dragged their children away.

I was confronted with another thing and I was caught totally off guard by it. A great many people remarked that they were uncomfortable with a goat with horns!  Cows were too big and they were not going to be dealing with an animal that size, so no problem. But goats were something that you could keep and a goat with horns was something many people were afraid of. 

All the goats at the exhibit except mine had been dehorned. Everyone had Nigerian Dwarf goats. They all looked over-fed, pot-bellied and the goat in the stall adjacent to my stalls looked as if  there was a lost, little soul behind those eyes crying to get out.

Then I looked back at my three little guys sparing and screwing in the stall in front of everyone and maybe there was something to be said about…that.

While I did not sell any goats and spent a lot of money getting to the Exposition, I did have a reasonably good time and it was well worth seeing. I have posted some of the images I took while walking through the show.

Each day began with the exhibitors getting their booths and animals ready.

Feeding the fowl before the show begain

Feeding the fowl before the show began

Grooming the sheep

Grooming the sheep

Calf eating his ribbon

Calf eating his ribbon

A boy with his gooose

A boy with his goose

The Exposition opens for the day.

Crowds of people entering the Expostiion

Crowds of people at the front gate

A corner shrine to the Anti GMO movement

A corner shrine to the Anti GMO movement

Offerings to the Anti GMO movement

The Grand temple

Main exhibit hall with mountains of fresh produce

Main exhibit hall with mountains of fresh produce

Raising joy at all that food.

image of man standing beside a mountain of squash

No explanation needed


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  1. Fabulous images. Thanks for posting them.


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