All Hallow’s Eve Special

Image of a sugar skull  from Day of the Dead

Sugar Skull from Day of the Dead

This post includes a story and Halloween images from past years at PsiKeep. This year things are more quiet. The cross-section of the Mushroom Wedding Arch has been completed. After thirty days to allow the cement to set and strengthen,  the cross-section will be installed. 

Image to the entrance to PsiKeep on Halloween 2010

The entrance to PsiKeep on Halloween 2010

Kibble for Trick or Treat

The story happened a number of years ago at the time when I was living with my boyfriend, John, in a house in Topanga Canyon. We lived on a street named Highvale Trail. It was a steep, switched-backed road and the houses were nestled far apart in the thick chaparral. There were no streetlights in the Canyon. We lived there for several years and every year on Halloween no one came by to trick or treat. We thought we were safe so we did not bother to buy any candy.

Sammy, one of our friends, had come by and we were all planning to go to a party. Our intention was to be on the way to the party before dusk just in case someone should come by. But as plans often go a stray so did ours. Our first mistake was sampling the brownies we were supposed to take to the party. The second mistake was playing around in our costumes after we had too much of the first mistake. While we were flittering around the house deciding on this mask or that fur to embellish our outfits, the doorbell rang.

“Trick or treat”, we heard on the other side of the front door.

Busted! We didn’t have any candy. We didn’t even have any fruit, which is always a big thing with the parents. Of course, no kid wants an apple or an orange on Halloween. We were scrambling in the cupboards for some nuts and rummaging for some trinkets. We couldn’t find anything. We were making so much noise in the tiny cabin that we could not even hide and pretend we were not at home.

“Hey. Trick or treat!” They were more emphatic.

In desperation I had an idea. I poured some dog kibble into a bowl and went to the door. There were four creatures standing on the porch. It looked like there were three kids and a grownup under all the costumes.

“Trick or treat.”

My thinking was to pretend to be giving out candy while burying my handful of kibble deep into their bags of already collected candy. By the time they dumped their booty on the table at home they would not be able to figure out who put the kibble in their sacks.

With a flourish I deposited a handful of pretended candy deep into each bag and rummaged around so that the kibble would fall to the bottom of the sack. I waved them good-by and closed the door.

But no sooner had I closed the door than we heard, “Dog food! She gave us dog food!”

Now were we really in trouble. “What were we going to do? They are going to let the horses out or soap our car.”

“Wait a minute,” John said.” This is our place. We are the ones they should be afraid of. We’ll scare them off.”

Image of reflection on a television screen

Once a year for a few moments as the sun goes down one of the sculptures in the living room reflects this image on the screen of the television.

I looked us over.  Sammy, who was six feet four, was dressed in a flimsy sheet with two eyes cut out and a piece of grizzly bear pelt draped across his shoulders. John was wearing a goat skin cape and an empty plastic television box on his head. And then there was me dressed as some sort of sorceress from our Renaissance Faire costume chest. Together we set off to defend the keep.

Image of one of the Halloween assemblages  at PsiKeep, 2010. This one was titled "What's  for Dinner"

One of the Halloween assemblages at PsiKeep, 2010. This one was titled “What’s for Dinner”

We hooted as we scampered through the horse corral and worked our way down the trail through the thick brush to the road. They were just about ready to soap our car when we descended on them with a whirl of billowing sheets and banshee wails. The kids ran screaming and clung behind their mother. But the mother stood her ground. She was locked and loaded with a  can of Mace in  one hand, and a can of white paint in other.

As we rushed toward her she shouted, “Okay Box Man.” and sent a blast of white paint directly at John. The paint hit him squarely in the face. John yelled yanking off the empty TV set.

“What the heck!” he shouted, his face looking as white as a ghost. The rest of us skidded to a halt. “It’s paint. You sprayed me with paint!”

“Oops,” she said. “Sorry I though you had a screen on that; besides it’s water base. Who are you guys?” She turned toward me. “You’re the one who gave us the dog food. I should spray your car for that.” She turned toward our car.

“Wait!” Sammy cried holding up both hands. “Let’s talk this out.”

She was still facing the car with the paint can raised. “Why?”

“Because we’re neighbors.”John replied wiping his eyes on Sammy’s sheet. “Where do you live anyway?”

“Up the hill.” She turned toward us “But I don’t know you guys.”

“Well you know where we live.” John stepped toward her. She threatened him with the can of Mace. He held out his hands in supplication. “Look we were just leaving when you caught us red- handed without any candy or anything to give to you. We weren’t supposed to be at home.”

She shrugged. So you gave us dog food instead.”

I replied, “It was a bad idea but we were out of everything. Call it a trick.” Sammy gave me a shove of contempt. Bad comment.

She ignored us. “So how are you going to make good?”

“We won’t try to scare you off,”John retorted.

Image of another assemblage at PsiKeep 2010 titled "Ghost at the Gateway"

Another assemblage at PsiKeep 2010 titled “Ghost at the Gateway”

“Ha!” She paused. “I have a better idea. This is how it goes. Tonight you work for us. We trick o’ treat together and all the candy you collect goes to me and my kids at the end of the night and we’ll call it even”.

We never got to the party. We had so much fun trick o’ treating with our neighbor and her kids. We got a chance to meet the other neighbors in the area and discovered a new  group of people who lived  around us.

But as we traveled through the neighborhood working for the kids, I could not help but notice a wake of painted  cars that appeared behind us. While we were collecting treats at the door step, the  mother was down on the road soaping up and spraying white paint on the cars of each of the neighbors she did not like or had some disagreement with. On that Halloween night it the turned out to be almost everyone.

image of another assemblage on Halloween 2010 titled "Bush and the Statue of Liberty"

Another assemblage on Halloween 2010 titled “Bush and the Statue of Liberty”

image013Check out some great pumpkin carving images from an incredible artist Ray Villafane 

Also check out the Tenabrae Cafe for the latest post.

Have the best Final Day and Final Harvest
and a good Samhain to all.


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  1. Great story and fabulous photos. Thanks for the tip on the Final Harvest…. brought in dozens of peppers and pounds of green tomatoes…


  2. What is with the image in the TV set? I know about 4:20…. What is up with 6:20… the ‘witching hour???? Whoooo… Happy Hallow’s Eve


  3. Leslie Edmundson

    Another fantastic post! You made my morning! Leslie


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