More on Constructing the Mushroom Arch: Part 4

Weeks have past. The upright sections of the arch have been roughed out but the details have yet to be carved.

To get an overall view of the arch, the Styrofoam sections were temporary tacked together before the goat’s head was secured in place.


Temporary view of the mushroom arch without the goats head.

The  carving on the top section of the arch has been completed in Styrofoam. But there have been delays.

I was busy watering the goats on the evening before I was to begin the cement work the following day. As I walked by the top section of the arch standing on the work table, I saw right away there was something wrong. I did not like the transition from the sides into the horizontal portion of the arch. It was too angular. In the twilight the goats head looked like a football player; one of the Rams to be exact. I had secured the horns about three inches above the armature and when I filled in that space with Styrofoam it looked like athletic shoulder padding.

So the next day I dragged the work back into the shop and spent a week revising the top section of the arch. I dug out the metal straps that secured the horns to the armature and lowered the horns about two inches. I also sculpted new mushrooms around the area where the horn touch the arch.


Top section of the revised Mushroom Arch (front view) carved in Styrofoam


View of revised back side

Cementing the arch is running into more problems and the completion of this project by the end of summer is fading fast. The first layer of cement was being applied in the middle of a heat wave when the troubles began. Even though the cementing was taking place inside the shop where was only 80°F, the cement was setting up much faster than normal. 

top of arch_lft_side_view

View of top of arch with a portion covered with the first layer of cement.


View of underside of the arch including the “ribbon” which will hold the text. The “ribbon” will be secured under the goat head.

This project is stalled out until I solve what is happening to the cement. I do not want to put hundreds of hours into this construction only to have it crumble within a few years. I have had problems with Quikrete products before. I hope this is not going to be one of them.


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