Reflection on the Boston Marathon

April 17, 2013

I was going to post an entry about the mishaps and challenges this week at PsiKeep. It has been a busy week and much has happened but all of that has become inconsequential for the time being by the events on Monday in Boston.

I think we have to pause.
put down our cell phones,
turn off the computer,
and all the collective gadgets
in our lives.

We need to face the silence
and ask ourselves,
What are we becoming?
as both individual and
part of the human race
marching toward the end of time.

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  1. Can you say “Karma”? Or are you too busy thinking about blame and revenge? How sad that this has occurred, and we will need to spend more of our energy now looking over our shoulders, waiting for the next bomb.

    I always try to look for the lessons and blessings buried deep inside every tragedy. All I can think is that perhaps a few Americans will open their eyes to what it means to live in a place where bombs are dropped, where drone attacks occur on a daily or weekly basis.

    I pray for peace in this world.


  2. What an awful tragedy! you would think we would all put down our gadgets in prayer, contemplation and respectful silence! But no! we were all on FB, twitter and other social media talking about it, posting pictures and video if you happened to be near the event and we all looked wide eyed in gawking manner at the loss and tragedy of so many! On a happier note thanks to social media FBI was able to catch the bad guys!


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