A Tree Comes Down at PsiKeep

Back to the brutal present for a moment.

Last spring when Sammy was learning to fly I noticed that one of the large blue pines below the goat pen was dying. I could see that the needles were beginning to sag on that hundred foot tree. By early summer they wee turning brown.   It could have been a bark beetle infestation. I do not know otherwise why such a large healthy tree would suddenly die.

I was haunted all winter by that tree.  It was massive. And if it fell and blue pines fall all the time, it could wipe out my goats or even come down on the house. I knew I had to hire someone to take it down and burn the debris before the end of the summer. 

So this week during Easter break I was able to hire a a tree cutter to drop the tree. For two brutal and exhausting days we worked; Brian cutting and I burning  the remains of that tree.

The crude rough cut video below continues the story. 

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  1. WOW, he really goes after that tree !!


    • Yes. If you know anyone who needs a tree dropped. He is pretty good.
      He does not climb or limb out but he can drop a tree on a dime. And he is real
      good about bucking up.


  2. It is amazing to see such a large tree at the end of its long life span. I have a friend who was in Oregon when they were logging and had a big tree fall on him. He was in the hospital for more than 6 months while they restructured his forehead.

    I noticed that he made the two cuts on one side of the tree to weaken it for falling in a particular direction. I suppose you had to make sure there was no one around who could possibly be hurt when it fell. It is so huge.

    Good job documenting the event with your video. I also enjoyed your slideshow for making the art project.

    Jeanene McCormack


    • Thank you for the comment. Yes the cut was made in the direction he wanted the tree to fall. He was right on the mark.


  3. Wow what a nightmare, I would have been so nervous having that beast just looming over the property all winter, I am glad it did not budge and you were able to cut it down in time. My aunt and uncle have property in Middletown and they trimmed their own trees a few weeks back. Unfortunately my uncle somehow cracked one of his ribs while he was in the cherry picker, so maybe next time they will actually hire a professional! I’ll have to forward this posting to my aunt 🙂

    By the way, great job on the video. I really like the open shot where you panned up to the top of it. Great perspective!


    • Hi Talia,
      Actually the photos of the tree on the ground that crushed the goat fencing happened after I cut down the dead tree (in the video). So now I have this big mess to deal with and the burn season has closed so I have to wait until this fall to get rid of it.


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